« I want to tell them to leave. Scream at them to go. Or stop. Something, anything! That I’m here. With them. That they’re going to make it. That I’m angry just like them. That I would like to cross over to them. But I keep quiet. I cry. On the other side nothing has changed. »


I am no longer an impersonal pronoun. “I” no longer fit in pigeon holes. “I” am no longer part of what “we” have built and seemed good to us. For us. For me. Locked in a cage, the quest is a quest for freedom. Emancipation.

Committed to a movement of revolt, we say no. Our bodies say no. No to impersonal pronouns, no to “we”. “I” is at the heart of a chaotic situation: me versus the others, me versus the world.

The fence seems insurmountable. How do you break away from this whole to which we all belong? In which we now feel out of place. We are at war. At war against ourselves. Commitment is stronger. Resistance is painful. The gesture is violent and liberating and draws its strength from the roots of hip-hop.


« Popular and interactive, D-construction questions the profound nature of social links in the public space. What unites us? Separates us? Federates us? To what extent are we able to question the territories, borders and institutions?

By physically placing the spectators at the heart of the play and urban scenography, we invite them to get involved. To live the experience of commitment and revolt.

Immersed in the mass, the dancers create confusion in interpersonal relationships. They seek a connection with the audience, they aim to surprise. They jostle and prod into reaction. This is why I wanted to leave an important place to improvisation. Exposed to the audience at all times, even when recuperating, the dancers must be able to adjust their acting at any moment. Supported by the music, their only language is the language of the body. I wanted everyone to have their own. Free gestures. A danced identity. »

Mehdi Meghari, choreographer


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Artistic direction and choreography
Souhail Marchiche and Mehdi Meghari

Karym Zoubert, Silvia Addiego Mobilio, Hakim Abdou Mlanao, Nino Rouvreau, Alizée Brule, Mohamed Makhlouf

Music composer
Patrick De Oliveira

Light designer
Richard Gratas

Set designer
Bertrand Nodet


Compagnie Dyptik, CNAR l’Abattoir / Chalon-sur-Saône,  Quelques p’Arts… Centre National des Arts de la Rue – Scène Rhône-Alpes / Boulieu-lès-Annonay,  Groupe des 20 Rhône-Alpes – Auvergne,  Centre culturel de La Ricamarie,  Le Tobbogan – Scène conventionnée Plateau pour la danse / Décines


Conseil Départemental de la Loire,  Ville de St Etienne, ADAMI, SPEDIDAM


Théâtre de Tardy (Saint-Etienne), École nationale du cirque de Shems’y (Rabat, Maroc),  les ville du Chambon-Feugerolles, l’Horme, St Chamond et St Hilaire de Riez