« Reason is under attack, words are empty… The body screams. It screams words unsaid. Words unheard. Pain, anger, hope, resistance. Once freed, words are written in chalk. Silence is heard. »


Unrest is widespread. Tension is tangible. Words are left unsaid. Confined in a dying body. Reason is no more. Nothing is under control anymore. Mouths gaping and mute, no sound comes out. Emotion is too strong. Too violent. Bodies do the talking. Instinctively. Carnally. They scream. They cry. They hesitate. They laugh.
Revolt is personified. It becomes an attractive force. Gestures intensify. The struggle grows. Materializes. Becomes intellectual. Bodies find a meaning. The movement, getting stronger, find a rythm. Until the ultimate clash, the letting go.
The words are written in chalk. They trace a shared destiny. They free bodies in one final breath. The scream reaches us. Audible..

Artistic note

« From laughter to tears. From well-being to death throes. From pleasure to pain. The world presents us with the images of its society without filters or explanations. Everything becomes available and is shared immoderately. Unrestrainedly. Feelings jostle and collide. Faster and faster. Stronger and stronger. The Scream is what the body experiments in this absurd context where emotion becomes an object of consumption. Where (hi)stories are written with disconcerting inconsistency and irony. Where contradictions increase and mutually stigmatise each other. 

Accordingly, what we feel is at the heart of the creative process and (re)search of movement. Placed in extreme physical situations during preliminary choreographic laboratories, the dancers tested their capacity to endure pain, constraint, fatigue, elation… to present pared-down gestures that matched their emotions on the spot. The aural proposal initially marked with neutrality so as not to influence movement, evolves to the rhythm of the trio’s emotional intention under permanent tension.»

Souhail Marchiche, choreographer


Mouvement.net, Nicolas Villodre
«The talented Lauren Lecrique, Mellina Boubetra and Toufik Maadi perform in one go, without ever leaving the square, a creation of fifty minutes chrono… The opus is constantly supported by the effective electro-acoustic soundtrack of Patrick de Oliveira, enhanced by the effects of chiaroscuro, backlighting, the general moods, the clear and flawless focus of Richard Gratas.»

IO Gazette, Emmanuel Serafini
«The central image of Le Cri, probably inspired by the famous Munch canvas, is a success both emotionally and visually. Toufik Maadi, at the peak of his art, knows how to give meaning to these voluntary gestures of revolt instilled by the choreographer… who utters a great cry of warning and affects the society of indifference where misery meets the bling-bling without, finally, the world is moved.»

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Artistic direction and choreography
Souhail Marchiche and Mehdi Meghari

Toufik Maadi, Lauren Lecrique, Mellina Boubetra

Light designer
Richard Gratas

Patrick De Oliveira

Set designer
Thomas Collet

Costume designer
Marie Thouly


Compagnie Dyptik, Maison de la Danse de Lyon (associate artist), CCN Ballet de Lorraine/ Ville de Villiers les Nancy, Scène Nationale de Sète, Théâtre de Cusset (associate artist), L’Échappé Espace culturel de Sorbiers, Onyx (Saint Herblain), Théâtre Albert Camus (Le Chambon Feugerolles), Théâtre Nomade de Casablanca (Maroc), Teatro Rivoli (Porto), Teatro Nacional Sao Jao (Porto), Studios de la Cie Los Dedae (Madrid), Dance City (Newcastle, UK).


Région Rhône Alpes, Conseil Général de la Loire, Agence nationale pour la cohésion sociale et l’égalité des chances (ACSE), La Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, la SPEDIDAM.