“Body against body. They struggle. Shut themselves in.
Expose themselves. Oppose each other.
I think they are at war with each other.
A war of their own.
Guards up. Breaking down.
Body against body. They free themselves.”


Finding your place, precarious as it may be. You fight for it. Fight to keep it. Beyond the inner workings of society. Beyond conventions. Beyond the common good. Beyond individual liberties.

You play around the rules to keep going. Even to the point of transgression. Even if it means doing wrong. Even if those put upon rise up. They believe in something better. They are committed. In the face of all opposition. Against all odds.

Single-handedly. They fight. At strength’s end, still they build. Something different. Differently. A foundation for the new. For their sake. To exist. Caught in the gears, they combine. Blend in with the crowd. Again. For how long?

Artist’s note

“In Dans l’Engrenage, I wanted to stage the frantic social race of our infinite appetite (“never enough”), the going adrift of the common norm. This play questions social climbing without meaning, devoid as it often is of human values.

Caught in the gears of society what is the price to pay? Isn’t man the victim of his own system?
Once the ultimate goal has been reached, once in the limelight, what will be the ransom of success?
Light plays a special role in the show, it is the ultimate goal and, at times, even becomes the scenography.

With the dancers and the musical designer, we drew inspiration from traditional dances and rhythms from the Arab world. The postures, the energy, the commitment, both physical and emotional, lead the dancer to a state akin to that of the man, artist, politician who will do anything to succeed, a state akin to a trance.

In order to stop playing and present a sincere and committed dance performance I wanted to collaborate with Corinne Puget, a comedian who worked with the dancers on the sincerity of characters and a performance that stems from the intimate and reflects on the partners and the spectators. We have explored the pleasure of “living”, power relationships, insanity, fragility, anxiety… the pleasure of “being”.”

Mehdi Meghari, choreographer

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Artistic direction and choreography
Souhail Marchiche et Mehdi Meghari

Evan Greenaway, Yohann Daher, Hakim Abdou Mlanao, Konh-Ming Xiong, Silvia Addiego Mobilio, Émilie Tarpin-Lyonnet, Carla Munier

Patrick De Oliveira

Light designer
Richard Gratas

Costume designer
Hélène Behar


Compagnie Dyptik, Maison de la Danse de Lyon, CCN de Créteil / Cie Käfig, CCN de la Rochelle / Cie Accrorap, Opéra de St-Étienne, IADU la Villette (Fondation de France – Parc de La Villette), Groupe des 20 (Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes) : Centre Culturel de La Ricamarie, Théâtre du Parc (Andrézieux-Bouthéon),  L’Heure Bleue (St Martin d’Hères)


DRAC Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Département de la Loire,  Ville de St Etienne, ADAMI,  SPEDIDAM


Le Groupe Caisse des Dépôts, CDN Comédie de St Etienne (La Passerelle), Espace des Arts (St Denis, la Réunion), Accès Soirs (Riom), Quelque p’Arts… Centre National des Arts de la Rue et de l’Espace Public (Boulieu-lès-Annonay), Espace Montgolfier (Davézieux), l’Échappé (Sorbiers)